Brass Band

This picture of Shotley Brass Band, probably from the the turn of the century (19th to 20th), is kindly supplied by David Cawdell (Ex Band of the Irish Guards), who found it on IBEW, the superb website dedicated to all things 'brassy':​k.
David is researching the histories of 'lost' village bands in Suffolk, after doing North Essex.   
In the 1900s there were c20,000 UK brass bands; nearly every village had one, towns had several. Today there are only about 2,000, so there must be many instruments, and memories, tucked away in attics.   Village brass bands were an important element in social life, playing at fetes, harvest festivals, Christmas carolling etc. and it is an aspect that should be recorded for future generations.  
David is asking if you know anything about the Shotley band, or the name of someone who could help in his research.
He would appreciate any information.
Please email