Shotley CP Primary School

Shotley School believes in providing an education that places importance on the development of the whole child and that is underpinned by their Key Values:
- Respect for each other
- The importance of each child's spiritual and moral development
- The importance of each child's intellectual and physical growth
- Regard for our environment
- The importance of each person in our school community.

Children between the ages of four and eleven from the village and neighbouring areas are educated at Shotley School which works very closely with the village pre-school provider 'Kidzone'.  ‘Kidzone’ has moved into the school building so that the two services can work even more effectively together, ensuring that the transition into full time education is seamless for each Reception child.

Shotley School delivers a creative curriculum through topics that engage the children.  Within the curriculum the fundamental British values of democracy, the rules of law, individual liberty and mutual respect are taught and discussed and the importance of respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs is highlighted.

To deliver the curriculum, facilities and resources in school are used, such as a large ICT suite, a purpose-built kitchen, sports hall and large recreation field, a spinney, an environmental area and an outdoor classroom.  The local area is also used to enhance the children's learning experience, such as the local farm, church, beach, marinas and woods.  Members of the community are also invited into school.

 There is a myriad of clubs that enhance children's education in school as well as a creative staff whose passions include The Arts, History, PE and Sport.

The School’s passion for a fulfilling and creative curriculum does not disregard academic standards.  Each child's learning is closely monitored and support is given to a child should it be needed, either to help the child with strategies or extend the more able child's thinking.

Shotley School is situated on a hill overlooking the rivers Orwell and Stour.  The main building dates from 1914 with a large extension added in 1953.

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