Bin Locations

Shotley Parish Council are committed to keeping the Shotley environment clean and tidy.

There are a number of general rubbish and dog waste bins around the village.

In regards to dog waste please remember




Shotley Gate

1- At the bottom of Bristol Hill by near the information notice

2 - Opposite Shotley Gate Post Office.

3 - At the end of Lloyd Road near the play area.


Shotley Street

1 - Next to the bus shelter.

2 - Near the play area in Kingsland.

3 - Dog bin - Next the old water tower.

4 - Dog Bin - End of Kingsland by field.

5 - Dog bin - Entrance to field off Orwell view.

6 - Main road between the village hall and the farm.

litter bin near the bus shelter 

  • The Parish Council employ two part-time litter wardens - one for Shotley Street and one for Shotley Gate.


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