Bin Locations

Shotley Parish Council are committed to keeping the Shotley environment clean and tidy.

There are a number of general litter and dog waste bins around the village.

Pets make wonderful friends and no one wants to stop people enjoying taking their canine companions out but the inconsiderate minority do make it unpleasant for the vast majortiy of villagers.

We live in a wonderful area, which is ideal for walking dogs but, please, when you are taking it out around the village, please remember:

  •  Dog faeces is harmful to children and adults
  • Take enough bags with you for picking up
  • Use the dog bins provided, litter bins are close to seating
  • Remind any other dog owner to pick up if they forget to do so
  • Offer a bag to someone who has forgotten to bring one
  • The Heritage Trail and Ganges Wood welcomes dogs on leads, but please pick up any fouling
  • The playing fields are for children, so no dogs please
  • It is against the law to allow your dog to foul public pathways and places

If it's your dog, it's your responsibility. Please co-operate for everyone's sake.

With regard to dog waste, please remember:




Shotley Gate

Litter Bins

1 - At the bottom of Bristol Hill by the information notice

2 - Opposite the former Shotley Gate Post Office now Hillgate House

3 - At the end of Lloyd Road near the play area

4 - 2 bins along King Edward VII Drive from Bristol Hill towards Shotley Marina

Dog Bins

1 - At the bottom of Bristol Hill opposite the information notice

2 - Near Gate Farm Road

3 - 3 bins along King Edward VII Drive from Bristol Hill towards Shotley Marina (to be serviced by the Marina)


Shotley Street

Litter Bins

1 - Next to the bus shelter

2 - Near the play area in Kingsland

3 - Main road between the village hall and the farm

Dog Bins

1 - Next the old water tower

2 - End of Kingsland by field

3 - Entrance to field off Orwell view

4 - Main road between the village hall and the farm

litter bin near the bus shelter 


The Parish Council employs two part-time litter wardens - one for Shotley Street and one for Shotley Gate.


Updated July 2017