Weather Alert for Wednesday

Just an update from our friendly weather advisor – John Hammond on this weeks weather.  It’s pretty mixed through the week with some stronger winds on Tuesday night, but Wednesday is the day to watch.  Nothing to panic about but just a heads up for you all really.
Wednesday sees the wet weather clearing for a time but further rain or showers are expected through the day. Rainfall amounts of between 5 to 10mm locally up to 15mm are generally expected by the end ofWednesday across the East of England. Meanwhile, strong or gale force winds between the south and south west will continue through much of the day, with gusts of 40 to 50mph possible widely across our region. Coasts and south Essex could perhaps record speeds up to around 60mph. Indeed, a Met Office Yellow Alert for Wind with Rain has been issued forWednesday. The Alert brings a Medium Likelihood of Low Impacts. It is also worth noting across the region, that any trees which may have become weakened so far this winter, couplednwith the ground being saturated, means that some trees may be somewhat more susceptible to being toppled than usual in the strong winds.

By Steven Leach on February 3rd, 2014