Village of Year Winner Announcement

Shotley's Village of the Year coordinator Geraint Pugh has sent this message regarding the race to follow up the village's success in winning the Babergh round and making the Suffolk final three. 

"I have been advised to be available for a phone call at 14.10 on Friday 4th September.
All three finalists will feature on the Lesley Dolphin show that day.
I hope you will publicise this date and time widely.
It would be nice to think you all find out the result at the same time as me.
Thanks again for all your support.
Especially our District Councillor Derek Davis, who suggested we enter. 
Also Gary Richens, who attended every one of the judging sessions, briefed the judges 
so thoroughly and supplied the tea and coffee.
I mustn’t miss out Marian, Carole and the other ladies who made the drinks, washed up and 
generally organised each venue.
Finally YOU, the great residents of this very special place, for untiring enthusiasm and encouragement.
Those who turned up to support us, as well as this who sent messages, all played a valuable part.
Fingers crossed for the fourth."
Let's boost Lesley Dolphin's listening figures and recieve the rsult with good grace.
Here is a slideshow Geraint sent to judges Stunning Shotley  It shows how our community proves beauty is more than skin deep. No matter how wonderful the views are it is te people that make Shotley what it is.

By on August 25th, 2015