On 13th September 2019, David Wood, our County Councillor, will be doing a 60-mile walk along the Suffolk Coast.  

He is doing the walk in aid of the Multiple System Atrophy Trust (MSA).  You may be aware that his wife was struggling with what was thought to be Parkinsons before she sadly passed away suddenly last August. It is now known that she was in fact battling with MSA. MSA is a rare disease with around 3,300 people in the UK and Ireland currently living with it.  This means that most people will never have heard of the condition, unless they themselves have already met someone with MSA.  Sadly, this is also true of a lot of health professionals which is why the MSA Trust works to raise awareness and increase understanding of MSA throughout the UK and Ireland.

Since losing his wife, Rita, last year, David has been wanting to do something to raise funds and awareness and so walking the Suffolk Coast seemed perfect as this area was very special to them both.  He will be accompanied by Simon Amstutz and Nick Collinson and they will be doing the walk over a 4 day period (David will be celebrating a significant birthday this year, and he doesn't think his knees would cope with 60 miles in one day).

If you would like to support him in this venture, please click on his Just Giving page below, or thrust some money into his hand when you see him! Any donations will be greatly appreciated.