Some years ago Babergh DC undertook a programme of regenerating the block built bungalows in and around Queensland, Shotley because they were in poor condition and no longer met build and insulation standards. At the time these works were completed a number of tenants opted to remain in their homes and, therefore, these particular properties were not replaced with new homes. Owing to vacancies in some of these original properties at 1,3 and 16 Queensland, the opportunity has now arisen for these remaining dwellings to be replaced with new build fit for purpose homes. The idea is for the Council to replace the three existing bungalows with new build bungalows.  At present we are in the early stages of planning the replacement homes and it is hoped that more than three new homes can be developed on the two sites in order to better meet the housing needs of the area. 

Once I have more information available I will contact you again. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding this matter please let me know.

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