Trick or Treat Posters from Suffolk Police

Suffolk Police have created a series of Halloween posters have been produced with various key messages for shop owners, parents and residents, which can be downloaded from the righthand side of this page.

  • Shop posters – these state that flour and eggs will not be sold to under 16s who are not accompanied by an adult in the run-up to Halloween.
  • Posters aimed at parents – these posters ask parents to think about the safety of their children and ask if they would normally let their children call on a stranger’s home unsupervised.
  • Residents’ poster (no trick-or-treaters) - if you don’t want to be disturbed by ghouls and ghosts at home, download this poster and place it in a prominent position near your front door. You can also download this for a vulnerable neighbour or relative.
  • Residents’ poster (trick-or-treaters welcome) – this poster should be displayed near your front door if you are happy for little monsters to pay you a visit.
  • Click here to go to the police site or click on the image below

Halloween posters


By Steven Leach on October 13th, 2014