Shotley Pier Update - 1 September 2017

We are delighted to announce that our sale of community shares has reached the total of £58,000 at the closing of the Booster Fund period.  An absolute rush of people contacted us by email and phone in the  last week, which was very welcome, thank you to all for sharing our information.

The national Power to Change Booster Fund matches £ for £ so the total increased to £116,000

Volunteers and many local investors celebrated on Thursday evening at the Bristol Arms, the location of many of the fund raising events and activities, from Art Week and the living history Napoleonic weekend to pub quizzes.

Our first foray into Manningtree went well at the Skinners Arms, and we even had the luck to be there when the live entertainer was singing our favourite songs for an hour.

We have some lovely comments from people who have bought community shares:

“my Dad took us to the pier and told us all about his Ganges days, he said on his time off they would stroll on the pier and mess about”

" Me and my dad went fishing off the pier back in the day, I want to buy a plaque"

“My angling club was trusted with a key to the pier, so we could go night fishing and it was very enjoyable”

"I was in the police force in 1980 and we used to moor the police launch at the pier to go into the Bristol Arms for a break and a chat"

"I took my kids paddling under the pier in the 1970's, now I'll buy them a share each"

“My sweetheart and I went courting on the pier in the 1950’s, and maybe under the pier too….. we have been married for many years now, so no harm in admitting it ! ”

Sue, our newest investor who lives in Scotland, said:  "I love piers and paddle steamers - I picked up your appeal from a National Piers Society retweet - I am a member. I was motivated to contribute by the fact that a community has made the effort and no doubt put a lot of hard work into the project;" Thank you to the National Piers Society for publicising our appeal to their members, we have had a good response.

Fund raising events don’t come any better than this – the Red Lion in Chelmondiston offered a fundraising ticket event with a 2 course meal and a rum tasting session.  The event resulted in £2,000 being raised for the community shares, and the raffle raised £145. Fantastic result.  Thanks to Mandy, Doug and team for a wonderful evening.

We are continuing to sell community shares locally, please email for a form if you would like to help.

We are starting to plan the year ahead so any fund raising ideas are welcome, and we continue to add ideas for the future, please feel welcome to contribute ideas, photos of the pier, and any memories you have, it’s been amazing to read your reasons for caring about the pier.


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By pcadmin on September 1st, 2017