Following the positive and overwhelming feedback received by the Parish Council at the two recent public meetings regarding the possibility of re-instating a community shop in Shotley Gate, a Committee has now been formed in order to look at what can be achieved by the community and how this matter can be progressed.
If you attended the public meetings and registered your interest in being part of this group, or even if you didn't but now wish to become a member, the Parish Council would like to invite you to this very first meeting.
This meeting will be opened to the public, so even if you do not wish to join the committee at this point but would like to find out what is going on and whether you may be able to help in the future, please do come along.
If you wish to find out more before the meeting, please contact the Parish Clerk. 
JULY 30th  AT 7.00 PM
Large Committee Room- Shotley Village Hall

By on July 15th, 2015