Shotley Gate Coastal footpath update 8th January 2018

The recent damage to the coastal footpath has been reported by the Parish Council to the Suffolk County Council Rights of Way agency, who is the statutory body with the duty to maintain all Rights of Way.  A full assessment has also been requested with a view to possible closure if health and safety risks so justify. 

The land that underpins the Shotley coastal path has multiple ownership and the Parish Council only own the section at the bottom of the Heritage Park; it does not own the footpath in front of Estuary Road or below the RSPB reserve.

In March 2016, foreshore pile repairs alone cost £8,361.60.

External funding from the Coastal Partnership Support Grant has been secured by the Parish Council for the current and next financial year. This funding is used to support work such as that of the Shotley Open Spaces and others within the permitted scope.

The cost of repairing or reinstating the coastal path following this most recent damage would simply be prohibitive for a small local council such as Shotley.

Funding received for Phases 1 and 2, as well as the part funding that helped pay for the Heritage Park, were totally used up, with the Parish Council paying for all remaining costs.

The Parish Council will be happy to respond to any genuine enquiries put forward by members of the public by telephone, e-mail or personally by appointment.

However, it would not be appropriate for members or the Clerk to engage in social media debates.  

Formal statements of the Parish Council will be posted to our website

The Shotley Parish Council can report that the main holes on the coastal footpath will be repaired, weather permitting, by tomorrow evening.  SCC Rights of Way are being consulted throughout the process and are in agreement with the emergency measures proposed, which will be at no cost to the taxpayer.

Further updates will be made available as and when possible.


Shotley Parish Council



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