Parish Council Agenda February


Mrs Dina Bedwell, 22 Great Harlings, Shotley Gate, Ipswich IP9 1NY

Tel:  01473 788248 Email:  

All Parish Councillors are required to attend the Parish Council Meeting of the Shotley Parish Council to be held on Thursday 25th   February 2016, at 7.15pm at Shotley Village Hall (large committee room).   All parishioners are also invited to attend. The meeting will be open to the public and any parishioner wishing to raise a matter should speak at item 4. 

Members of the public are reminded that the law permits any person to film, record, photograph or use social media in order to report on the proceedings of a meeting of the Council or its committees when they are open to the public. This does not extend to live verbal commentary.


  1. 1.         To receive and consider apologies for absence
  2. 2.         To note the resignation of Mr G Richens and Mr G Pugh from the Parish Council and to note the resignation of Mr G Richens, Mr G Pugh, Mr A Pettersson and Mr D Gent from the Open Spaces and Amenities Committee, Mr J Catling as Chair of  OSAC
  3. 3.         To formally appoint Mr T Lawford -Randall and Mr B Powell  representative of the Stour Footpath Group
  4. 4.         To receive declarations of interest and consider any dispensation requests received
  5. 5.         Suspension of standing orders: Meeting open for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to speak
  6. 6.         To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held 10 December 2015, 28 January 2016, 10 February 2016 (emergency meeting) and OSAC 11th  February 2016
  7. 7.         To receive reports:

7.1               District Councillor

7.2               County Councillor

7.3               Police SNT meeting

  1. 8.         To receive reports from Committees/Working Groups and agree any actions  that may be needed:

8.1               Open Spaces and Amenities Committee:

8.1.1           Foreshore pile repair works- update

8.1.2           To consider recommendation to paint a goal on the kick-wall at the Lloyd Rd play area (including expenditure of aprox. £25.00)

8.1.3           To consider the purchase of goal posts and nets for the Kingsland play area

8.1.4           To consider SCC Rights of Way scheme for parish councils to take on responsibility for cutting certain paths  and whether it is cost effective

8.1.5           To consider report from meeting held with SCC Highways on 20 January 2016 and agree any actions, including  a crossing adjacent to Netherhall Cottages and extension of the path opposite  Great Harlings

8.1.6           To receive further recommendations and proposals  for how the VOTY award fund should be spent

8.1.7           To consider the Terms Of Reference for the appointment of a Project Manager for Phase 3 Erosion Protection at Shotley

8.1.8           To consider disbanding OSAC in light of recent events and include all OSAC matters on the Parish Council monthly agenda

8.1.9           To consider changing the date of the Parish Council meeting to the second Thursday of the month instead of the third Thursday of the month

8.1.10        To consider a way how Mr B Powell would still be entitled to put his views forward, as the last remaining non-councillor member of OSAC , at Parish Council meetings

8.2               Allotments: Boundary fence- update

  1. 9.         To consider application for funding from the Shotley Church Heritage 700
  2. 10.      To consider an application for funding from the Ganges Museum
  3. 11.      To consider an application for funding from FOSS re Shotley Primary School Centenary
  4. 12.      To consider the appointment of a Complaints Panel and its membership
  5. 13.      To review membership  of the Employment Committee
  6. 14.      To appoint the Appeals Committee
  7. 15.      Noticeboard
  8. 16.      Website
  9. 17.      To consider the payment of the verge clearance works between Styngham Cottages and Chapel Fields
  10. 18.      To consider the reimbursement to Mr G Pugh for the purchase of two Christmas trees in Nov 2015
  11. 19.      To consider the issue of a formal statement regarding the purchase of the Christmas trees by Mr G Pugh in November 2015
  12. 20.      Finance and Administration:

20.1            To receive and note bank balances

20.2            To consider and approve  any further accounts for payment

  1. 21.      Ganges- update
  2. 22.      To receive and update the Clerk’s Action Summary
  3. 23.      Planning matters:

23.1            To consider response on applications received from Babergh and note any decisions made

23.2            To receive and note correspondence and consider any responses required

  1. 24.      Reports from Councillors on matters not itemised on the agenda/to be included in next agenda (for discussion only)

Temporary exclusion of press and public: That pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission at meetings) Act 1960 the Public and Press be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed 

  1. 25.      Employment, administrative and procedural matters
  2. 26.      To approve the confidential minutes of 10 February 2016


Date of next meeting: 17th March 2016.   

By on February 22nd, 2016