Osac Agenda October



Clerk: Mrs Dina Bedwell, 22 Great Harlings, Shotley Gate, Ipswich IP9 1NY

Tel: 01473 788248  Email: shotleypc@btinternet.com  

                                                                                                              03rd October 2015

All Committee members and parishioners are reminded that the next Open Spaces and Amenities Committee meeting is to be held on Thursday 08th October 2015, at 7:15 pm in the Large Committee Room, Shotley Village Hall. 


Members of the public are reminded that the law permits any person to film, record, photograph or use social media in order to report on the proceedings of a meeting of the Council or its committees when they are open to the public. This does not extend to live verbal commentary.


  1. 1.         To receive and consider apologies for absence
  2. 2.         To receive and consider declarations of interest and requests for dispensation
  3. 3.         Suspension of Standing Orders- Open forum for members of the public to speak on items appearing on the agenda (10 minutes)
  4. 4.         To approve the minutes of the  meeting held 10 September 2015
  5. 5.         To receive updates/reports and to agree any actions needed in response to information received on:

5.1               Stour Footpath Group, including sea defences and  picnic area

5.2               Heritage Park

5.3               Play Areas

5.4               Litter Wardens

5.5               Public conveniences

5.6               Village of the Year Competition

5           To approve accounts for payment

6           Reports on matters not itemised on agenda/to be included in next agenda (All)

Date of next OSAC meeting: 12th November 2015.

By Derek Davis on October 6th, 2015