Mussel Farm Plan

An application has been made to set up a trial mussel farm in the River Stour.

Wash Mussels Ltd, from Leigh-On-Sea want to see if it is feasible to farm the shellfish in five areas stretching 84 hectares from the middle of the river between Erwarton Bay and Stutton Ness, including Harkstead Bay and Copperas Bay. 

Only the edible Blue Mussels will be farmed over the next five years, although it is expected crabs will also be caught on the beds, and while being considered pests, could be sold commercially.

Although oyster gathering has gone of sporadically in the river, it is understood by the Wash Mussels that no other shellfish operations have been carried out over the past ten years.

Permission has been sought from the Eastern Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority and opinions can be given via their website.

Full details about the application can be found here

By Derek Davis on March 20th, 2015