Minutes From Police Forum

Hadleigh Locality

Meeting Minutes: 15th March 2017, Claydon Village Hall.

Trott Ward addressed the meeting outlining that the format was for all Parishes to attend and join the forum, this was our chance to bring forward any issues in your local areas, which can then be brought and discussed with the Local SNT team, and taken forward for action.


Chairman: Trott Ward, (Brantham)
Bill Davies (Stratford St Mary)
Adrian Rust (Pinewood) Secretary
David Busby, (County Councillor)
Sgt Jo Miah, Suffolk Police Hadleigh SNT Inspector Kevin Horton, West Ipswich


Nicola, Shotley
Fran Sewell, Chelmodiston Susan Carpendale, Capel St Mary Bill Wilson, Hadleigh

Attendance 14
Matters arising from Minutes from Meeting 18th January 2017.

Richard Young, Hintlesham, a recent survey had showed vehicle movements of 6 thousand vehicles a day in each direction, not 6000 as reported.

Inspector Kevin Horton,

Insp Horton outlined an overview of there current position in the southern area, The Police and Crime Commissioner PCC had released the latest Rural policing Strategy. Their main challengers remained violence, threat and harm. Rural road safety was also under scrutiny as there are many fatalities on rural roads. Crimes from outsiders, people entering the area from London as an example, coming into the area to commit crime. Rural farming issues.

over the past few weeks Ipswich has taken a lot of resources with the spate of murders, stabbing's and petrol bombings of properties which have been a priority. Operation on County lines for the detection of drugs coming from gangs in the London areas.

Operations have taken part around Shotley regarding burglaries and East Ipswich as well. Burglaries in Bentley, person detained and sentenced to 10 years.
Pinewood Burglaries, person arrested, awaiting sentence at end of March
Holbrook Burglaries, person arrested awaiting sentence

Ram raids at Jimmy's farm and local shops, one person arrested, 2 others being sought

Parking enforcement, this seems to have been put back until April 2019 before councils will deploy teams and take this issue over from the police.

Parish Councils will soon be having their AGM's, Obviously the Police would not be able to attend each one of the 43 parish councils but all are welcome to attend or send someone to the forums AGM in May

Currently demand has increased by 14% and the response time is being met 89% of the time even with the increase on demand.

Sgt Jo Miah

Jo addressed the meeting and started with a brief overview of her deployment in recent years. Jo had spent 5 years based out of Sudbury and Hadleigh areas.

Jo had been training new PC's for the Ipswich response area, promoted to Haverhill and then onto Ipswich Night-time and licensing for the Ipswich area.

The Move to SNT is new to Jo but is enjoying the challenge, and hopes with Jo's team to become more visible to all.

Working with an organisation called Mygo finding placements for youths 16-24 year olds

Recently had a police liaison day in Shotley meeting local people (14th March)

Open Meeting

Trot Ward, Brantham. Saturday 11th had seen a lot of Police in the Brantham area and many villagers had been enquiring what had been going on.

Insp Kevin Horton, believed this wasn't a Suffolk Police Operation but Essex Police carrying out a multi agency operation with regard to vehicle crime, drug trafficking and various offences which these operations throw up.

Chris Sawyer Holbrook, Speeding seems to be a common problem and would like to know more on how to address the issue in the parish.

First thing to do is speak to John Simpson at Suffolk County Council Highways for recording survey strips on road

Geroge Dix, Pinewood, Police.co.uk no current statistics on crime being shown, also speed check required on Scrivener Drive Pinewood.

Insp Kevin Horton, the Police web site is run by a third party but would look into why it has not been updated, the SNT statistics for the parishes had also not been shown on the latest news letters.

Mark, Holton St Mary, Speeding remains and issue, have had lines and signs put in but figures still remain high with 46% of vehicles still over 35mph, Cam vans doing their job but with no effect on final figures.

John, East Bergholt, Theft from buildings wheelers yard
man found trying to get into a property, police were called and arrived 3 minutes later, they had also

picked up his two mates who he had just had an altercation with.

Glad to see PCSO out and about in the village

Jo Miah, keen to get PCSO's out on the beat where possible

John Sones, Elmsett Parish Council, data on site as mentioned above, would like a bit more liaison with Police

Tattingstone, Albert Collins had recently passed away, Trot Ward would like to pass on his condolences and sadness at this difficult time.

Josephine, Tattingstone, A137 had seen another large accident, 30mph signs had become faded and unreadable and need replacing, Builders works hut cut open

Insp Kevin Horton, stressed that it is very important to report things as this has a bearing on teams deployment and if people are not reporting issues then they would assume that that area was ok, therefore it was better to report than not and have a higher police presence where possible.

Road sign replacement would be Suffolk County Council Highways

Gordon Watkins, Flowton, Breakin on the 3rd March, 2 males, Black ford 16 plate car and one male with clipboard trying to look official, car was parked in meadow adjacent.

Nick Carter, Flowton, dustcart was on round at the time, perhaps they may have some dash cam footage, Last Saturday, heating oil stolen from Flowton Green.

Mike Watkins, Copdock and Washbrook, cars again using old A12 for racing, youths gathering on the bench by barriers making themselves a nuisance.

Colin Barber, Claydon, lots of cars seem to speed through the village, another car in ditch off the roundabout, can anything be done, signage etc to slow vehicles down.

Caroline Barber, Claydon, parking on the hill in Claydon, new lines being put in, who will enforce them.

Would have to see the reaction to the lines firstly and of people park on them would need to report for police action.

Claydon Parish Council, Lack of police presence in the area, we have 2 schools, 2 pubs and a large industrial area, growing community with new housing.

Insp Kevin Horton, currently know of no issues in the area, people need to phone in or report online so that police are aware of issues

Bill Davies, Stratford St Mary, crime figures not being shown, can people still use the police connect system

Insp Kevin Horton, the figure he will look into why they are not logged and yes police connect, twitter etc are all available for people to connect with updates

Speed Watch Results

Capel St Mary



Stratford St Mary



Stoke By Nayland

Caught 0

Letters Sent


0 0 0 noreturn 0 0 0 noreturn

Vehicles caught under the speed watch team receive a 1st letter, 2nd warning letter if caught again,

then a police visit.
Pinewood, Update on speeding fines will be increased from April 24th.

Anyone caught doing over 101 will be 56 day Ban, 6 points and a fine of between 125% and 175% of their weekly income.

Anyone caught doing 31-40 will receive 3 points, and a fine of 25% - 75% of their weekly wage, no speed awareness courses.

David Busby, Belstead, County Councillor, why can we not hear of more success from the police, we always hear about the offences but never the individuals being caught.

Insp Kevin Horton, Unfortunately the media prefer the bad news to good news and are more than happy to report all the bad news.

Trot Ward, Brantham, another burnt out car at ICI car park Brantham, no crime report had been logged by anyone.

Gordon Watkins, Flowton, why does all the traffic get routed through our village when the Orwell bridge is closed,, advised to speak to Highways England as the police do not have any input on this

Insp Kevin Horton, since the meeting Insp Kevin Horton has issued the figures for the multi agency day at Hadleigh Road in Ipswich where they set up and base and stop vehicles travelling into town the same as the operation at Brantham recently

On the 15th March, RPFOU, Suffolk RCRT, Scorpion Teams and the dog section, together with multi partner agencies carried out a vehicle check with their base at Sainsburys Hadleigh Road Ipswich, including DVSA (VOSA) and HMRC

The following results were obtained


1) Section 5adrug driving cannabis/cocaine
2) section 5a drug driving cannabis
3) 2 x fail to appear warrants
4) 1 concerned in the supply of class A and possession of cannabis
5) 1 x possession with intent to supply class A detained and searched at Martlesham with 30-40 wraps found

1 x cannabis street warning
Drugs warrant issued and carried out by the south drug team with a positive result

53 Vehicles escorted to the site:

TOR, (Traffic Offence Reports)

2 x no driving licence 9 x no insurance
5 x mobile phone use 25 x no seat belts

3 x dangerous condition, 1 driver had small baby in rear of car in car seat with no restraint of the seat, 1 x child being carried in the front seat of the car without correct seat, 1 x tinted windows 3 x fail to register foreign vehicle in the UK

5 x no MOT
2 X registration plate offences
1 x no TAX
1 x defective tyres
1 x defective exhaust
S165 seziure of vehicles no insurance/licence offences, 8 vehicles seized Mustang GT seized, (value £50,000) no insurance, car imported from Kuwait

Breath Tests- 7
Drug wipes -8 negative, 2 positive
Stop search -7
Intel -17
6 vehicles left the site clear of offences
dog section- 57 drug dog searches, 8 indications, resulting in 5 person searches, 4 cars searched


Immediate prohibitions - 2
Delayed - 15
Advisory - 11
HMRC- 25 tank dips, negative
Department of Work and Pensions, 3 cases referred, one to be investigated for housing fraud, two for further investigation

As you can see, the above is a very positive result for a days work

Trott Ward, Thanked Claydon Parish Council for the use of the hall Meeting Dates 2017

10th May

5th July
30th August 26th October DecemberTBC

Hadleigh Swimming Pool, AGM

Chelmodistion Village Hall Pinewood Community Centre Stutton Village Hall (Thursday) (Brantham)

The dates for 2017 had been arranged to be prior to the police priority meetings so all issues were taken forward as soon as possible.

Next Meeting 10th May Hadleigh Swimming Pool, AGM Stonehouse Rd, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 5BH

7.30 pm Start

All parishes welcome to attend, as you are all aware, the police teams are unable to visit all 49 parish council meetings every month, so please bring any issues to the bi-monthly forum meetings.

Please note our new Police Sergeant is Joanne Miah, her email address is:


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