Extraordinary Meeting Agenda



                                                                                  Clerk: Mrs D Bedwell 


Telephone: Clerk   01473 788248                            shotleypc@btinternet.com


08th January 2017


All Parish Councillors are required to attend the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting of the Shotley Parish Council to be held on Thursday 12th January 2017, at 7.30 pm at Bristol House, Bristol Hill, Shotley.  The meeting will not be open to the public due to the confidential nature of the items being considered.




Exclusion of press and public: That pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission at meetings) Act 1960 the Public and Press be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed


  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Declarations of interest with regard to items on the agenda and additions to register


  1. Administration

(i)     To receive update on legal matters and agree course of action

(ii)    Contracts and tenders





The extraordinary meeting will be followed by a Finance Working Group Meeting and the agenda for that meeting is as follows:

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. To consider budget and precept proposals for 2017/2018 and prepare recommendations to full council
  4. To review insurance cover and prepare any recommendations to full council

By on January 9th, 2017