Emergency Agenda



Mrs Dina Bedwell, 22 Great Harlings, Shotley Gate, Ipswich IP9 1NY

Tel:  01473 788248 Email: shotleypc@btinternet.com  


5th February 2016


All Parish Councillors are required to attend an Emergency Meeting of the Shotley Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 10th   February 2016, at 7.15pm at Shotley Village Hall (large committee room).   All parishioners are also invited to attend. The meeting will be open to the public and any parishioner wishing to raise a matter should speak at item 3.


Members of the public are reminded that the law permits any person to film, record, photograph or use social media in order to report on the proceedings of a meeting of the Council or its committees when they are open to the public. This does not extend to live verbal commentary.


  1. 1.         To receive and consider apologies for absence
  2. 2.         To receive declarations of interest and consider any dispensation requests received
  3. 3.         Suspension of Standing Orders: Meeting open for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to speak
  4. 4.         To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting  held 19 November
  5. 5.         To consider quotes received and select the contractor to carry out the repair works to the sheet piles at Shotley Gate (as per recommendation from OSAC, following receipt of Mr A Hawes annual inspection report)
  6. 6.         To consider recommendation from the pc meeting held 28.01.2016 for the purchase of a petrol generator at £287.98, extension lead for approximately £20.00  and cement for not more than £80.00 to make repairs to the river wall around the Bristol Hill picnic area and concrete support wall up to the sheet piles
  7. 7.         To consider the purchase of woodchips for remedial works to the entrance of Ganges Wood,  Heritage Park Quarterdeck and anywhere else where it may be deemed necessary
  8. 8.         Maintenance works to the roadside hedgerow from Styngham to the affordable housing and purchase of Christmas trees and lights : To notify members that NALC’s Legal Team has taken over this enquiry
  9. 9.         To consider the appointment of a Project Manager Designate for Phase 3 Erosion Protection at Shotley Gate (Terms to be considered at a future meeting)
  10. 10.      To consider and approve the Heads of Terms for Easement Rights (to UK Power Networks) in perpetuity to install 2 x new 33Kv underground cable circuits via horizontal directional drill under the Grantor’s land and the entirety of the width of the river Stour between the Parish Council and UK Power Networks
  11. 11.      To consider funding the cost of the village hall hire for up to an additional two meetings a year for a Police Partnership meeting
  12. 12.      To consider training needs and agree expenditure, provision and dates
  13. 13.      Reports from Councillors on matters not itemised on the agenda/to be included in next agenda



Date of next meeting: OSAC 11 February, PC 25 February 2016.

By Derek Davis on February 8th, 2016