Council Agenda

All Parish Councillors are required to attend the Parish Council Meeting of the Shotley Parish Council to be held on Thursday 26th February 2015, at 7.15pm at Shotley Village Hall (large committee room). All parishioners are also invited to attend. The meeting will be open to the public and any parishioner wishing to raise a matter should speak at item 3.

pp Clerk


  1. To receive and consider apologies for absence

  2. To receive declarations of interest and consider any dispensation requests received

  3. Suspension of standing orders: Meeting open for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to speak

  4. To approve Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 15 January 2015

  5. Matters to report from previous meetings and to consider any further action

  6. To receive reports:

    6.1 District Councillor (JD/TR) 6.2 County Councillor (DW)
    6.3 Safer Neighbourhood Team 6.4 Website

    6.5 Stour Footpath Group(GR)

    6.6 Heritage Park (GR)

  7. SYNC building: To receive report from SYNC trustees regarding the proposal from Babergh

    Communities for the future use of the SYNC building and agree any action needed

  8. Play Areas: Proposals for a kick-wall at the Lloyd Road play area-to receive update and agree any


  9. Street furniture:

    1. 9.1  To consider proposal for signage in Tudor Close indicating Heritage Park and play area (report by TI and GR)

    2. 9.2  To consider the replacement of the existing sign at Ganges Wood (IP to report on artwork and estimated cost)

    3. 9.3  To receive update on unemptied Babergh household waste bins on Kitchener Way

  10. Finance:

    1. 10.1  To receive, consider and note third quarter accounts (to 31 December 2014)

    2. 10.2  To receive and note bank balances

    3. 10.3  To consider application for funding from the Shotley Rose Football team

    4. 10.4  To consider and approve any further accounts for payment

  11. Babergh Housing: To receive update on no 9 Kingsland (reportedly vacant for aprox 12 months)

  12. To review and approve the following documents and policies:

    12.1 Financial Risk Assessment to 31.03.2015 12.2 Osac terms of Reference 2015
    12.3 Standing Orders 2015
    12.4 Financial Regulations 2015

    12.5 Statement of Internal Controls to 31.03.2015

    12.6 General Risk Assessment 2015

  13. To consider and adopt the following documents and policies:

    13.1 Electronic Information and Communications System Policy 2015 13.2 Complaints Policy 2015
    13.3 FOI Model Publication Scheme 2015


13.4 Public Right to Record: Chair’s announcement and public notice, protocol, Public Participation at meetings, Nalc Open and Accountable Brief and Nalc Suffolk Openness Brief

  1. Clerk’s Action List

  2. Former H M S Ganges Site – B/12/00500 update

  3. Planning matters: To consider response on applications received from Babergh and note any

    decisions made:
    16.1 B/15/00078/FHA- 18 Garden Close
    16.2 B/15/00058/FUL- Shotley Sailing Club
    16.3 B/14/01550/TPO -5 Childers Close
    16.4 Proposal for Cherry Blossom Children's Centre At Shotley CP School Decisions:
    16.4 B/14/01421/FUL- Cockle Creek Cottage- Planning permission refused. 16.5 B/14/01480/FHA Blacksmiths Cottage-Planning permission granted. 16.6 B/14/01551/TPO/DP- 5 Childers Close- Planning permission granted.

  4. To receive and note correspondence and consider any responses required (DB)

  5. Reports from Councillors on matters not itemised on agenda/to be included in next agenda (All)

    Temporary exclusion of press and public: That pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission at meetings) Act 1960 the Public and Press be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed

  6. Noticeboard: To receive update, consider proposals and agree actions Date of next meeting: 12th March 2015 (Osac); 19 March 2015 (PC)

    Signed: D Bedwell


By Derek Davis on February 24th, 2015