2017 Annual Parish Council Community Awards

The Shotley Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the special people in Shotley that, year after year, tirelessly continue to make our village such a wonderful place. They will most probably be terribly embarrassed and shy at this very public display of appreciation but I am afraid it just had to be done!

Local postman Tim Poole was presented with his award by Chairman Barrie Powell. A Postman in a million!  One of the old school – long serving, well liked and much appreciated.  Tim has been delivering in Shotley for many years and is known to almost every resident.  Since the loss of the Post Office in Shotley Gate he has been known to collect almost as much as he has delivered. This award is in appreciation of all the work, beyond the call of duty, that Tim has put in for this village.


Cllr Maureen Williams presented Jo Lee with her award.  One of our unsung heroes, Jo is someone who has helped not just organisations in Shotley and neighbouring villages but also individual people, and in her case big ones and little ones!  Having recently retired from the post, Jo was secretary of the Shotley Village Hall for many years and has also b een secretary of the local Women's Institute branch.  Her artistic and, may I say, aware winning flower arranging skills are certainly very appreciated by Shotley, ERvarton and other neighbouring parish churches.  As if that wasn’t enough, Jo has also volunteered for Home Start, one of the leading family support charities in the UK.  Home-Start volunteers help families with young children deal with the challenges they face.  The volunteers support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children.

The parish clerk, Dina Bedwell, presented Karen Higgs with her award.  Karen has been a permanent fixture of the Drama Group for at least 15 years and is always a smiling, welcoming face to all, particularly the little ones.  Karen has been in most of the pantomimes, in musical reviews and often buys props to use and make-up/facial cleansers for backstage.  When a play is on, she helps with teas, coffees, cakes and sweets as well as helping the cast to change and look after their costumes.  She always arrives with a cheery smile and helps everyone to the best of her abilities.  But most of all Karen is a wonderful ambassador for people with a disability and shows day after day that obstacles can be surpassed! Keep smiling Karen! (Photo to follow)


Andrew and Maureen Coulson were also recognised and presented with their award by Jim Catling.  Andrew is a Lay Reader at St Mary's Church and also a volunteer for the Shotley and Erwarton Good Neighbours' Scheme.  He also does outdoor Green Bowls where he can be found helping to repair the Green.  More recently, he has put his oratory skills to an alternative use and has become the auctioneer at the Shotley Village Hall bi-annual auctions.  Maureen wears many hats such as the secretary of the History Group, the Women's Institute and the Parochial Church Council.  She is also a member of the Shotley Village Hall Management Committee. (Photo to follow)


If you wish to nominate your unsung hero for next year’s Shotley Parish Council Community Award, please contact the Shotley Parish Clerk, Mrs Dina Bedwell, on 01473 788248 or via email at shotleypc@btinternet.com


By on July 25th, 2017