Anglian Water Update

Anglian Water is currently preparing a drainage scheme in Shotley Gate.  The scheme is called “Bristol Hill Pumping Station Improvements, Shotley Gate” and its purpose is to remove surface water which is currently connected to Anglian Water’s foul sewers.  The project will involve laying pipelines in Bristol Hill, Estuary Road and Estuary Crescent to drain surface water to the estuary and is currently programmed to be on site between November and January.  The project will also involve providing water butts to some residents.  Water butts collect and store roof water during rain, which is then slowly released back into the foul sewers preventing the system from being overwhelmed.


Consultations are on-going with various stakeholders such as Suffolk County Council, Natural England and the Environment Agency as well as yourselves to ensure that all constraints and permissions are considered and that any disruption during construction is minimised.


Residents may have seen various surveyors on site in recent months who were completing topographical, drainage connectivity surveys and a ground investigation at the Old School House.  These were needed to establish accurate site layout drawings and also assess which types of land drained to the foul sewers and which drained to other outlets such as soakaways or highway drains.  There are likely to be further surveys over the coming weeks which will help with the design of the pipelines and also the locations where water butts will be offered.


Anglian Water will be holding a customer event prior to construction starting where further information will be available from the project team.


By pcadmin on July 25th, 2017