Ganges Development History

Frequent updates about the progress of the application for development of the former HMS Ganges site in Shotley Gate. Keep coming back to check the latest. Email your views.


1 Nov

Ganges Latest

The developer's appeal against Babergh District Council's decision not to grant permission for the 404 "retirement community" on the Ganges site was dismissed by the Planning Inspector. See a copy of his report here.

Shotley Parish Council thanks everyone who made representations on this matter. The effect of the decision is that there is currently no planning permission for the site and Shotley PC will be asking Babergh, the County and the owner of the site to work with the community to develop a brief for the site that will allow a scheme to come forward that will celebrate its history and provide a sustainable mix of homes, economic development and recreation.


22 Jun

Public Inquiry 22-24 June 2010 - Appeal by the developer against Babergh's decision to refuse the Reserved Matters for the 404 Retirement Homes and associated facilities

Shotley Parish Council respond to the appeal by Haylink

Read the full document here

Statement of Common Ground Final Version released

Read it here

Copy of the final s106 agreement re the 404 retirement community (Shotley PC was not consulted on this document and are not party to it).

Read it here


16 Jun

We need your views - Ganges to be a conservation area - proposal planned!

A proposal is being put forward to Babergh to make the Ganges site into a conservation area.

A Conservation Area (CA)is nothing to do with nature conservation (they are usually Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Sites of Special Scientific Interests, county wildlife sites) but is concerned with the built environment, the history of a site and the context (i.e. surroundings and relationship to each other) of listed buildings and historic monuments. There are 2 others locally: Pin Mill and Wolverstone.

For Ganges it would mean that any future development, should CA be agreed, would not only have to fulfil all the usual planning conditions it would also have to show that it would protect, improve and enhance the site i.e. respect its heritage value. For example whilst it would not totally protect buildings from demolition a developer would have to make a stronger case for doings so. Not demolishing buildings and bringing them back into use is also a more sustainable way to develop the site as it cuts down the need for raw materials, etc. This was one of the recommendations of the Inspector. The walled garden at Woolverstone is a case in point where there will be a mix of sympathetic new build, conversion and conservation.

CA would also give a level of protection to some of the historic assets of the site that are not listed but we have always felt should be: the quarter deck, the steps, the pond etc.

On the negative side it would make developing the site more expensive therefore less attractive to developers. I feel that this would be outweighed by having a more attractive development that could have a premium value.

Read a full copy of the proposal here

Let us know what you think by e mailing us here


25 May

Spine Road Objection letters

Latest letter sent to the Chief Planning Control Officer at Babergh objecting to the Spine Road can be read here

Letter sent to Babergh in 2007 regarding the Spine Road can be read here



31 Mar

Ganges latest

Residents living close to the site may have received a letter from Babergh saying that Haylink, the owners of the site, have applied for permission to begin demolishing buildings on the site. Neither Haylink or Babergh advised the Parish Council of this new twist in this very long tale. Urgent representations will be made to both parties to seek assurances to minimise the impact for residents and the local infrastructure and that any contamination issues will be dealt with using the best available health and safety practice. Many people will be concerned to ensure that the archaeology of the site, and the listed structures including the mast will all be safeguarded and the Parish Council will do their level best to ensure that these concerns are addressed. Many of the buildings are far from the end of their lives and we would not wish to see any building that can be brought back into useful use lost unnecessarily. Both Babergh and Haylink say that they wish to work in partnership with the local community, once again these are hollow words and we are left to play catch up. If you are at all concerned about any of these issues please write to Malcolm Firth at Babergh District Council Corks Lane Hadleigh IP7 6SJ or by e mail (please send a copy to the Clerk to the Parish Council)

Haylink have also lodged an appeal against the refusal to grant permission for the "retirement community" of 404 dwellings. The appeal will be heard at a three day public inquiry before an independent inspector probably in the early summer. The Parish Council will be a witness at the inquiry ensuring the concerns of the community are addressed. The web site will carry up to date information on the appeal as it becomes available including how individuals will be able to make representations to the inspector.


2 Feb

Councillor Steel speaks at the babergh development committee meeting, 20th jan. Read his speech here


2 Dec

Shotley, Chelmondiston and Woolverstone parish councils respond to the public meeting held, Wednesday November 18 on the proposed development on the Ganges site. Click on the Parish name to read the relevant response.


11 Nov

Babergh’s Development Committee scheduled to consider the application on Ganges Site at a meeting on Wednesday November 18 - Due to the expected level of public interest the meeting will be held at the Council Offices in Hadleigh. Full details here


9 Nov

Babergh DC issue the second newsletter regarding the repair and restoration of the HMS Ganges Mast ... read it here


2 Nov

Babergh release a briefing note explaining the latest position on the former Ceremonial Mast. Read more here


28 Sep

Babergh DC issue the second newsletter regarding the repair and restoration of the HMS Ganges Mast ... read it here


4 Aug

Babergh DC issue a newsletter regarding the repair and restoration of the HMS Ganges Mast ... read it here


6 July

Babergh DC issue their latest e-newsletter aimed at keeping local stakeholders up-to-date about the future of the former HMS Ganges site. Click here to see a copy.


2 Jun

Local resident writes to Babergh's planning officer expressing his views on the application to build 404 retirement homes on the Ganges site.... read his letter <here>. Do you agree or do you have a different opinion. E mail us and let us know.


27 Mar

The proposed retirement community for 404 dwellings (the Reserved Matters Application) is to be subject to a further consultation. In light of the last independent review of the Environmental Statement (ES), the applicant’s have decided to replace some of the volumes of their ES. These were submitted at their discretion and did not form part of a request by Babergh District Council for more information. An updated Ecology, Heritage and Landscape Management Plan has been received, which has been altered in light of concerns expressed by Natural England, the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and other nature conservation groups. Finally, the applicants have updated (and replaced) their draft Heads of Terms - a proposed legal agreement that would compensate for any proposed negative effects of the development. Babergh will shortly be undertaking a further period of consultation to ensure everyone has an opportunity to comment on these documents.

Babergh will have to undertake an ‘appropriate assessment’ of the application and its potential impacts upon the nearby European protected sites (i.e. the banks of the Orwell and Stour ). Consultation will be required on these findings.

Shotley parish Council will continue to respond positively and vigoursly to ensure the maximum benefit and minimum impact of any development on the historic HMS Ganges Site and the local community. Currently Babergh are saying that they intend to report to Committee during the summer.


15 Jan

Shotley Parish Council's comments on the S106 Heads of Terms re the Reserved Matters 404 retirement homes application had been forwarded to Babergh who in turn had passed these to the developers. No response had been received as yet

Babergh advised that this application was unlikely go to the development committee before the summer; and SCC Highways were in direct contact with the developer re the Heads of Terms.

SPC would be writing to Babergh stating that the lack of completeness of the ES was the responsibility of the developer and asking that the application be progressed to development committee without further delay and would be seeking a meeting with SCC Highways re their response to the S106 Heads of Terms.

SPC heard that work on the Ganges Mast had not commenced as yet although the developer advised that it should have by now!

6 Jan 2009 The re-review of the environmental statement on the retirement community Reserved Matters planning application, is published by the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment. Review it here!
20 Nov 2008 The Parish Council discovers that repairing the mast is not a priority for either Haylnk or Babergh despite continued deterioration - and will not commence work for at least another 6 months. It urges Babergh to take positive urgent action.
13 Nov

Do you have an opinion on the proposed retirement community at HMS Ganges? It is vital that you make your views known to Babergh now! All the details are below, including Shotley PC's response.

Please write to: Gareth Durrant, Principal Development Control Officer, Planning Department, Babergh District Council, Corks Lane, Hadleigh, IP7 6SJ, or email:

Please copy your response to

3 Nov Shotley Parish Council responds to the revised Environmental Statement for the proposed retirement community at HMS Ganges <more>
25 Oct Button Boy's memory 'disgraced' says son <more>
17 Oct An extra meeting of Shotley Parish Council has been arranged, to deal with the environmental statement. It's on Wednesday 29 October, 7.30pm in the village hall. Agenda
17 Oct Holbrook & Shotley GP Practice's response to the reserved matters retirement community, published here
10 Oct Chairman of HMS Ganges Association urges action on broken Ganges mast <more>
 9 Oct

Further documents have been submitted by the developer in support of their intention to build a "retirement community" on the former HMS Ganges Site.

These documents include details of how the developer proposes to deal with the impacts the development will have on the environment, education, roads, health and social services, public transport and so forth.

The documents can be viewed by following this link or from the home page of the Babergh web site. The developer admits that they have NOT consulted the local population on these matters so it is vitally important that you make your views known. Comments and questions should be sent to for the attention of Gareth Durrant by 21 October 2008 (if you miss the deadline please send your comments in late as they will still be reported to the committee), please send a copy to

Shotley Parish Council will be considering these matters on Thursday 18 October 7.30pm Large Committee Room Shotley Village Hall.

18 Sep Shotley Parish Council heard that Babergh had received the Environment Statement back from the developers regarding the HMS Ganges Reserved Matters - 404 Retirement Homes - application, along with amended plans - This would be on the October agenda for discussion.
29 Aug The lower yardarm was seen to be hanging off the HMS Ganges mast. The Parish Clerk has reported this to the Galliard Homes the site owners, and to Babergh.
21 Aug A meeting to discuss the HMS Ganges Reserved Matters (404) application was held in late July between Babergh officers and SPC Councillors to ascertain progress. It was advised that the developers still wished to proceed with this application although it was not their preferred scheme and BDC had requested further information on the back of the IEMA Report.
July 08


RESERVED MATTERS: 404 RETIREMENT HOMES – At present the case officer, Gareth Durrant at Babergh is compiling his report but does not anticipate presenting this to Babergh Planning Committee until after the Summer.

Shotley Parish Councillors are hoping to attend a meeting at the end of July with Babergh Planning Department and their legal team in order to discuss a range of issues regarding this development.

The Environmental Statement (ES) provided by the developers was subject to a review by an independent body, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, and their report shows the ES to be inadequate. Of the 12 criteria assessed, the ES was found to be “unsatisfactory because of omissions and/or inadequacies” on five counts and “poor, significant omissions or inadequacies” on one count. Not a single section was found to be without fault. It is Shotley Parish Council’s opinion that this alone should be grounds for rejecting the application and have made this assertion to Babergh Planning.

CONSTRUCTION OF A SPINE ROAD – As previously reported permission was granted by Babergh in January of this year. It is a very disappointing decision which really leaves us with more uncertainty.

THE GANGES MAST – Other than Babergh placing this on their “watching brief” list nothing further has happened. The developers have been furnished with details of competent repairers of masts but as yet, appear not to have acted upon this information.

PROPOSED MIXED DEVELOPMENT – We have heard nothing further on this proposal (open days were held last summer at the Ganges site).

Shotley Parish Council

28 May Response of Shotley Parish Council to the environmental report
11 May Release of the the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessments report on the Environmental Statement that accompanied the HMS Ganges reserved matters application.
20 Mar The Parish Council heard that Babergh planning department were awaiting an independent report from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessments regarding the Reserved Matters application and the Council would be requesting a copy of same.
18 Jan Local residents protested this morning at the state of the HMS Ganges mast. They feel that Babergh District Council and Haylink are neglecting their responsibilities. <more>
17 Jan 2008

Shotley PC was informed that Babergh DC had approved the planning application by Haylink to build the spine road. SPC expressed their disappointment.

It was agreed to lodge a formal complaint to Babergh against their decision not to release key documents in relation to granting the Certificate for Lawful Development.

SPC's response to the amendments to the Reserved Matters retirement community application, was sent to Babergh.

26 Nov 2007 Letter published on MyShotley from Tim Yeo MP to Babergh DC re the Reserved Matters application.
15 Nov The Parish Council hears that Babergh DC has granted the 'Certificate of Lawful Use' to Haylink <more>
9 Nov The information boards from Haylink's second public exhibition, showing their  proposals for the new master plan, spine road, reserved matters application etc, are now available to download here
31 Oct Forty people attended a special Parish Council meeting last night to comment on the Reserved Matters application. Parish Council agreed to object in their response to Babergh DC <download it here>
11 Oct Plans submitted by Haylink for the revised 'reserved matters' planning application (404 retirement dwellings) are now available here
5 -6 Oct Second exhibition weekend is held by Haylink. Online versions of the exhibition boards will be posted on this page shortly.
25 Sep The Parish Council have objected to the application for a spine road to be built through the HMS Ganges site. It was noted that similar objections had been lodged by Woolverstone and Freston.
25 Sep
The Parish Council has received the Reserved Matters application for the retirement community. It will be considered by a Special Planning Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 30 October, 7.30pm at the Primary School.
12 Sep

The developers have announced a second exhibition weekend on the site. The text of their flyer is reproduced below, and is available for download here.

"The directors of Haylink Ltd & Galliard Homes Ltd invite you to discuss the future of HMS Ganges at a second weekend exhibition at HMS Ganges, Shotley.

  • Friday, 5 October 2007: 15:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs
  • Saturday, 6 October 2007: 12:00 hrs. to 16:00 hrs .

Another opportunity to meet the design team and comment on revised draft proposals."

11 Sep Babergh DC issue their fifth e-newsletter aimed at keeping local stakeholders up-to-date about the future of the former HMS Ganges site <BDC Ganges News #5>
18 Aug Many more photos added to the Ganges Tour page
17 Aug Haylink's public information boards are now available to download here
11 Aug New book about the former HMS Ganges site, 'The Shotley Incident', is now available to buy here. <more>
8 Aug MyShotley takes you on a photographic tour of the former HMS Ganges site
 27 July Ganges Exhibition – A message from your Parish Council

The Parish Council is encouraging the local community to attend the exhibition on the future of the HMS Ganges site; On Friday 10 August (3pm-8pm) and Saturday 11 (12 noon-4pm), at the HMS Ganges site - organised by Galliard Homes / Haylink. <details>

However, The Parish Council is reminding people that it is partly a marketing exercise.

It is expected that details of two separate proposals will be on view:

  • Details of the design and layout of the 404 dwelling “retirement community” for which the developers already have planning permission
  • A new planning application for a residential and mixed use development that the developers hope will overcome the objections to their last proposal

Both applications will require an “Environmental Statement.” This will detail the impact the development will have and propose ways that they can be overcome. It is important to think about and ask questions about the impacts for you, your family, the community and the wider environment: health and education services, roads and transport, the local economy, sensitive environmental areas and village services. The Parish Council have asked to be at the exhibition to be able to answer questions. 

For more information and details of the discussions the Parish Council has had with the developers, scroll down this page on

The Parish Council would also like to know what you thought of the exhibition, please e-mail

Thank you - Shotley Parish Council.

21 July

Confirmed that the developers are holding an exhibition weekend on the site. The text of their flyer is reproduced below, and is available for download here.

"The directors of Haylink Ltd & Galliard Homes Ltd invite you to discuss the future of HMS Ganges at a weekend exhibition at HMS Ganges, Shotley.

  • Friday, 10th August 2007: 15:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs.
  • Saturday, 11th August 2007: 12:00 hrs. to 16:00 hrs.

An opportunity to meet the design team and comment on draft proposals."

27 June Members of the Parish Council met the developers and architects for a tour of the HMS Ganges site and discussion on their intentions.
18 June Members of Shotley Parish Council held a meeting to brief other Parish Councils on the peninsula on the latest situation.
13 June Environmental Impact Assessment scoping report made available on MyShotley. (852Kb pdf)
7 June

On 23 May members of the parish Council and Richard Ward the Director of the Suffolk Preservation Society met with Phil Roberts and Martin Roat Directors of Galliard Homes, their planning consultant and two architects from the Clague practice who have been commissioned to bring forward designs for the site. [see CABE Building for Life awards]

The developers intend to submit four planning applications to Babergh District Council. <more>

4 June Babergh DC issue their fourth e-newsletter aimed at keeping local stakeholders up-to-date about the future of the former HMS Ganges site <BDC Ganges News #4>
18 May The Parish Council urges Babergh to refuse Galliard Homes' application for a Certificate of Lawful Use, relating to the HMS Ganges site being used for training. The purpose of this was not clear, but the applicant has failed to prove that the site had been used as a residential training centre since it was purchased 10 years ago. <full response>
17 May

Residents in parts of the Shotley Gate area have been invited to comment on the application for the Certificate of Lawful Development on the HMS Ganges site. The Parish Council meeting will receive a briefing on what this means for the site and its future development.

Further guidance will be put on the web site following the meeting. <application>

12 Feb 2007 Babergh DC issue their third e-newsletter aimed at keeping local stakeholders up-to-date about the future of the former HMS Ganges site <BDC Ganges News #3>
22 Dec

Several members of Shotley Parish Council met with Haylink – developers and owners of the former HMS Ganges site in Shotley Gate – on 7 December 2006. Senior representatives of the Suffolk Preservation Society were also present at this informal meeting, together with a local Babergh DC Councillor.

The meeting was constructive, and the start of a dialogue between the Parish Council and Haylink, intended to secure a sustainable development which meets the needs of the existing and future Shotley community. This follows the Public Inquiry held earlier this year, which led to the Secretary of State rejecting Haylink's application for 325 properties on the site.

A process of local consultation, led by Shotley Parish Council, will be planned for later in the new year to engage the community in expressing its aspirations for the site.

(Keep an eye on for updates on progress.)

5 Dec Babergh DC issue their second e-newsletter aimed at keeping local stakeholders up-to-date about the future of the former HMS Ganges site <BDC Ganges News #2>
4 Dec Members of Shotley Parish Council are to meet Haylink for the first time this week, to discuss their intentions.
13 Oct Babergh DC issues the first of a series of e-newsletters aimed at keeping local stakeholders up-to-date about the future of the former HMS Ganges site <BDC Ganges News #1>
21 Sep Update at the Parish Council meeting, including a meeting held with Suffolk Preservation Society about their ideas for a community led planning brief for the site. Haylink had contacted the council and said they would make a decision on their next step very shortly.
18 Aug

The Parish Council today considered what action should now be taken. They had written to Babergh District Council, making it clear that they should now propose how to engage the local community to find a sustainable solution for the site. Following their initial response, it was agreed to write again. A response to the Parish Council's letter to Haylink was anticipated. Meanwhile, interesting responses about future of the site were being received through, and Cllr Steel will follow up potential sources of support.

11 Aug Shotley Parish Council set out their views on what should happen next in their letter to Babergh DC.
31 Jul Tree Preservation Orders had been served by Babergh on all trees on the Ganges site. List and maps here
28 Jul

The HMS Ganges development has been rejected by the Secretary of State!

18 May It is reported to Shotley Parish Council that the Inspector intends to have his recommendations out before July 28
19 Mar Rayleigh Lodge on the edge of the HMS Ganges site, but owned by Shotley Marina Ltd, has been demolished due to safety concerns raised by Shotley Parish Council. During demolition | finished! (pictures courtesy of Shotlay Marina Ltd)
Rayleigh Lodge during demolition
10 Mar Shotley Parish Council on 16 March, will receive a presentation by Cllr Graham Steel on the HMS Ganges Inquiry. Agenda
9 Mar Inquiry now closed! See an informal summary. Watch this space for up to the minute developments!
5 Mar The final session of the Inquiry will now take place at Shotley Village Hall at 10am on Thursday 9 March. It is a public session and anyone can attend. <Inquiry news update>
5 Mar More documents added to the proofs page, including Shotley Parish Council's requirements.
24 Feb Thank you to everyone who spoke at the public sessions yesterday - quite overwhelming. There were 53 separate speakers, listened to by the Inspector, Haylink's team and around 200 local people. See report in the East Anglian Daily Times.

The Inquiry resumes on Tuesday at Hadleigh at 10.00am when evidence on highways issues will take place. Late Tuesday or early Wednesday the Inspector will be discussing Section 106 agreements i.e. measures to ameliorate or mitigate the effects of the development should it go ahead - public transport, education, sport, ecology, etc. Shotley's requests are here
23 Feb The show rolls in to the village!!! The official Public Inquiry today sits at Shotley Village Hall. Come and see a wide range of people give their views to the Inspector, and perhaps add yours. The sessions are at 1 - 4pm and 6 - 9pm.
9 Feb The Inquiry is currently being held in Hadleigh. The public are welcome to attend, but please check with Babergh DC (01473 822801) as it is not sitting every day.
12 Feb Buy the DVD - "B1456 - A road on overload". Plus additional aerial footage. Proceeds to the Ganges fund. <more>
DVD - B1456 - A road on overload
10 Feb Most Proofs of Evidence to be considered by the Inquiry, are now available on this website.
9 Feb Details announced of the sessions of the Inquiry to be held in Shotley Village Hall. On Thursday 23 Feb, there will be two sessions starting at 1.00pm and 6.00pm. Your opinion on the proposals whilst important are of less interest to the Inspector than your views about local life: your concerns about the area, what is missing, what do you value, what would you like to see on the site that will make things better for you, your family, your business? Anyone can turn up and have their say, you do not need to make an appointment, however, it would help the Parish Councils to know who will be speaking and what they would like to say. They may be able to give you advice and information to make your contribution more effective. Email or call 07845 875238
9 Feb The Inquiry nears! Please attend the first day to make your views known! Tuesday Feb 14 at 10am, Council Offices at Hadleigh,
7 Feb

Update meetings on the Ganges No campaign The Peninsula Parishes Alliance will be showing a film on traffic problems on the area's roads and there will also be a chance to ask questions. Flyer

  • Harkstead Village Hall, Thursday 16 Feb, 7.30pm
  • Chelmondiston Village Hall, Friday 17 Feb, 7.30pm
6 Feb Shotley Parish Council write to Babergh, responding to latest Section 106 Developer Obligations [Letter]
24 Jan Babergh announce that a session of the HMS Public Inquiry will take place in Shotley Village Hall on 23 February 2006.
19 Jan 2006 Shotley Parish Peninsula Alliance issues news update, including request that as many people as possible attend the first day of the Inquiry on 14 February.
19 Dec 2005 Minutes of Pre Inquiry Meeting, 6 December 2005
13 Dec Can you help with photographs showing the impact of traffic on local roads? The consultant helping the Peninsula Parishes at the HMS Ganges Public Inquiry has asked for photographic evidence of damaged verges, buildings, flooding, traffic congestion due to agricultural etc. Please include precise details of where and when they were taken and by whom and a brief description, to Laurie Mayer, The Holt, Main Road, Woolverstone, Suffolk, IP9 1AR
8 Dec 05 Shotley Parish Council's letter to Babergh outlining S106 agreement issues.
6 Dec 05 Informal report of the Pre Inquiry Meeting with the Inspector, 6 December 2005
26 Nov 05 “The Friends of Shotley Peninsula Parishes Alliance” deliver a letter and questions and answers to all residents on the peninsula, asking for support in funding against the current proposal to develop the HMS Ganges site.
2 Nov 05 Planning Inspectorate announce date of the Pre-Inquiry meeting - Tuesday 6 December, Hadleigh.
25 Oct 05 Statement of Case (“Rule 6” Statement) published by Babergh District Council
18 Oct 05 Statement of Case (“Rule 6” Statement) published on behalf of the Peninsula Parishes Alliance, By Dr Wendy Le-Las
30 Sep 05 Statement of Case (“Rule 6” Statement) published by Suffolk County Council
15 Sep 05 It's announced that the Public Inquiry into Haylink's application for HMS Ganges is set for 14 February 2006, for an initial period of 12 sitting days, at Babergh District Council's offices in Hadleigh. The Planning Inspectorate have agreed that Shotley Parish Council can appear and give evidence. SPC will be engaging a consultant to help present the case, and to ensure that we receive the maximum benefits for the village should the development go ahead.
5 Aug 05

Residents are being invited to make their views known regarding the proposed development of the former HMS Ganges <more>

28 Jul 05 Response from Babergh DC to Shotley PC's letter: p1 | p2 | p3
25 Jul 05 The Government Office for the Eastern region today decided to call in Babergh's decision to grant outline planning permission for the HMS Ganges site. The matter now moves to the Deputy Prime Minister who will make his decision on the recommendation of an independent assessor who will in turn make his reccomendations following a public inquiry. We will post more information on this page as soon as we have it.
25 Jul 05 Call-in letter from GO-East to Babergh
23 Jul 05 Letter from Shotley PC to Babergh DC

Letter from Shotley PC to GO-East

21 Jul 05 County Councillors David Wood and Kathy Pollard submitted the following motion to the Council
"The Council expresses its concern at the granting of 325 properties at the former HMS Ganges site in Shotley. We call upon the Government Office for the East of England to call-in this decision to a Public Inquiry".
This received the full backing of all councillors present and as such this message was conveyed to GO East the next day.
25 Jun 05 Not The End of The Road! by Laurie Mayer, PPA Action Committee
8 Jun 05

Babergh Council approve 325 homes at HMS Ganges!

Despite the planning officer recomendations and strong opposition to the proposal, Babergh DC's Development Committee today [8 June 2005] voted by nine votes to three to support the application by Haylink for 325 houses to be built on the HMS Ganges site.

The actual decision is quite complex but the matter now goes to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for a final decision. This is because the site is not one that Babergh had identified as being suitable for a development of this size. There are also 2 pages of recommendations relating to measures to mitigate the effect of the development. As soon as we have a copy of the formal decision we will mail it to you and post it on the website.

Some 150 members of the public attended the meeting.

26 May 05 Babergh officers report recomends refusal Full report
May 05 Last chance to make your views known to the decision makers
23 May 05 Haylink submit 2 new documents. Parish Council's response
19 May 05 Full Shotley PC response, dated 19 May 2005
5 Apr 05 County REJECTS Ganges Application. SCC Executive Committee 5 April 2005 <more>
10 Feb 05 Listing of Gate
19 Oct 04 Shotley Parish Council statement at public meeting  

SPC response to revised application

2 Aug 04 The revised outline application (Babergh DC)
- SPC response to original application