Emergency Numbers

Fire, Police, Ambulance or Coastguard - Dial 999

  • In the event of an emergency dial 999.
  • Tell the operator which of the four services you require.
  • Give the telephone number shown on the phone you are using.
  • Give the address where help is needed.
  • Follow the instructions from the operator.

When you ask for the Ambulance Service you will need to provide some additional information (if, of course, you know it), including:

  • The patient's age, sex and medical history;
  • Whether the patient is conscious, breathing and if there is any bleeding or chest pain; and
  • Details of the injury and how it happened.

Before help arrives, you can help the ambulance crew by doing the following:

  • If you are in the street, stay with the patient.
  • Call back if the patient's condition changes.
  • Call back if your location changes.
  • If you are calling from home or work, ask someone to open the doors and signal where the ambulance staff is needed.
  • Lock away any family pets.
  • Write down the patient's GP details and collect any medication that they are taking.
  • Find out if the patient has any allergies.

When you ask for the Fire Service you will need to provide some additional information, including:

  • What is on fire?
  • Is there anyone trapped? 


For dental emergencies, phone Patient Advice & Liaison, weekdays 0800 3896819


The out of hours emergency number for the Orwell Vet Group is 01473 333677