Shotley Pier Project

Community shares are being offered in order to buy the 122-year-old Shotley Pier. 

Shares will be offered at £25 each, with with a minumum of two required to become a part owner and the right to vote at the group's annual general meeting.

A crowdfunding project is due to be launched where shares can be bought, with various rewards also on offer for those who buy larger amounts.

The aim is to buy the pier in the first instance, with the current owner asking £100,000. The group will then start renovation work, making the pier secure and completing sections starting on the land side and working along the 600 foot pier until it is completed.

It is anticipated around £350,000 will be needed to complete the renovation, over a three-year period, depending on how funding goes.

Share forms will also be available from the Bristol Arms.

The pier group is not using any door to door canvassers so please only buy shares from the treasurer, secretary or other committee members: Barrie Powell, Sally Chicken, Peter Stebbings, June Lawford-Randall and Jon Davitt.

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