Shotley Drama Group


I know that many people in Shotley and the surrounding area will have enjoyed the various productions we have put on over the years and especially this year’s panto 'Treasure Island'.

Carol Blumfield helped instigate the formation of the group in 1982 and has been a stalwart of the group since then. She has had, at the very least, a hand in every single production - performing, producing, directing, making tea, painting scenery, sewing costumes, designing posters, publicity, selling tickets, front of house, putting out chairs for performances and organising just about everything!

I'm sure that many of you reading this have family or friends who have taken part in our many productions.

I have gone through some of our old programmes and marvel at the number of children who have performed with SDG. At one point there were 26 children in one panto!

We started out in the old village hall with very humble beginnings - we could only afford a few lights and many of the panto costumes were made from old curtains!

Our props and flats were stored at Packards farm, which was not too bad, except when one of our carpets was eaten by mice!

However, we had a lot of fun (and a few mishaps) in the old hall and many fond memories remain Luckily, the new village hall has enabled us to keep a stock of much more professional costumes, which are often hired out to local groups, and we now have a container to store our equipment.

Finally, Carol has decided to 'hang up' her director’s chair, although she will continue as part of the group, helping and advising. The group has had a few difficult moments, as all groups do, and would probably have folded but for Carol's tenacity and indomitable spirit.

I am delighted to confirm the group will perform a play in October which this year is Allo Allo.

If you are interested in joining our happy little band in any capacity, please don't be shy and contact us! We hope you will continue to support us and look forward to seeing you in October.

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