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The traditional orchard offers a landscape of tall trees changing with the seasons, fruit of many kinds, good soil and an array of wild life.  A Community Orchard adds to that rich mix, a place to learn and exchange knowledge, to seek quiet contemplation, a place for social play and work and somewhere to explore and show off how to live well with nature.  Once trees are established, they can provide a large yield of fruit year after year for decades, requiring little human input.  They can also help tackle global warming, support the rich heritage of the UK's fruit tree stock and provide an educational resource for local schools.  They can also be a focus for community activities and events such as weeding, mulching, pruning etc.

Updates and information about the Community Orchard Project can be found below:
Public Information Notice - 30 December 2019
Orchard Update - 26 January 2020
Orchard Update - 28 January 2020
Orchard Update - 24 February 2020
Orchard Update - 13 July 2020
Orchard Update - PC July 2020

If you are interested in being part of this community project, please get in touch with Ms Peta Hillier on 01473 787819 or email the Parish Council on